Sreemongal- the Tea capital of Bangladesh is just 191 km.from Dhaka. The lush green tea plantation, Rubber garden and the beautiful lake always attract the foreign tourists. The Lauawachara rain forest is the habitat of white browed Gibbons,hornbills and many other rare animals and birds.

  • Address: Uttarasure, Hobigang Road
    Sreemangal, Moulabi Bazar
  • Phone: +8801938305706
  • Email: sreemangalrfr@gmail.com

Lawachara Rain Forest

This major national park is located 8 kilometers east of Sreemangal. The park offers ample trekking opportunities through the forest. Over 460 different species of birds, mammals and reptiles live in this forest. Mentionable Lawachara rainforest animal species include deer, wild chicken, squirrel, python, endangered hoolok gibbons, capped langoor, slow loris, birds, snakes, banana spiders etc. The forest is really dense at some places like those of primeval ones. Rumors run that at shady and dark corners sometimes big cats like leopardsare also seen. However it is very popular destination for bird watching as over 260 bird species has been recorded here.

Traveler Quick Facts

  • Administrative Division: Sylhet Division
  • Area: 450.74 km2 (174 sq mi)
  • Population: 230,889
  • Airport: Osmani International Airport (IATA: ZYL, ICAO: VGSY)
  • Local Transport: Cars, Bus, Rickshaw
  • Tourist Season: Sreemangal has extreme weathers in seasons. Sreemangal has different beauty at different seasons Those who do not like summer are suggested to visit during November to February. To some people Rainy season is more attractive because at that time all the surroundings are too much Green.